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IWF „Train the Trainers” Coaching Workshop

The IWF’s 2 days „Train the Trainers” Coaching Workshop started today in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Dr. Tamas Ajan, IWF President opened the workshop in the presence of Maj. Gen. Yodbangtoey, IWF CRC Chairman, Mr. Frantisek Chmelar, Slovakian Olympic Committee President and Mr. Pavol Mutafov, Slovakian Weightlifting Federation President as well as Mr. Yassine Yousfi, Senior Manager, Coaches Section, IOC Olympic Solidarity.

Resulting from the work of the IWF Coaching and Research Committee, this first step is part of the IWF Coaching Educations program that will incorporate the IWF coaching certification at three levels:

Level 3 – Club Level Coach
Level 2 – National Level Coach
Level 1 – International Level Coach

The IWF Coaching and Research Committee is in the process of implementing a plan to hold Level 3 courses in all Continents. The Workshop aims to train course presenters to ensure standardization.

Based on the IWF Club Coach Manual, Mr. Lyn Jones and Mr. Kyle Pierce (CRC Members and authors of the IWF Club Coach Manual) are running the workshop to prepare the future lecturers of the IWF Level 3 Coaching courses.

Mr. Yassine Yousfi, Senior Manager, Coaches Section, IOC Olympic Solidarity gave a presentation on the activity of the Olympic Solidarity and about the opportunities they provide.

Mr. Frantisek Chmelar said: “It is an honor for Slovakia to host such a high level and professional meet and we are delighted to provide great working conditions for the participants.”