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Coaching Seminar in Ghana

Widely recognized expert and Coaching and Research Committee Member Dr. Kyle Pierce is upbeat about Ghana’s strong potential in weightlifting, saying that Ghana would be a force to reckon within the near future.

Speaking at a seminar organized by the Ghana Weightlifting Federation in the framework of the IWF Development Program held in the Media Centre of the Accra Sports Stadium, he underlines this important opportunity as a follow-up to the project this past summer in which new coaches were trained to promote and coach the sport of Weightlifting in Ghana.

The seminar was aimed at educating the 27 coaches who successfully underwent a three month training course that reviewed and reinforced methods of coaching Weightlifting that were taught during the summer project.

A long-term plan for training the young Weightlifters was developed. The training plan for these young athletes is to be integrated with their physical development and each phase of training is to be built on the previous phase. The focus will be on general physical development and technique in earlier years with specialized and more intense training added gradually in successive years.

Identifying new talents and motivating them to focus on their technique in preparation for the 2015 All African Games was a major issue discussed during the seminar.