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First meeting of the year for the AWF Executive Board

The AWF Executive Board started its meeting in Doha with the opening speech of Mohamed Yousef Al-Mana, AWF President.

The Organizing Committee of the 2014 Asian Arab Youth-Junior Weightlifting Championships made a report regarding the competition held in conjunction with the Executive Board Meeting while the 4 years report of the AWF was also presented to the Members.

The following proposals were accepted by the Board, and unanimously approved by the AWF Congress:

The headquarters office of the Asian Weightlifting Federation shall be in Doha, QAT and all communication shall be through the headquarters office.

The AWF shall separate all financial aspects from the executive functions of the AWF General Secretary with regards to AWF procedures or financial matters. The AWF shall appoint a neutral auditing company with an accountant to handle all financial aspects.

The expenses of the AWF headquarters and staff will be covered by the Qatar weightlifting Federation.

In order to harmonize the AWF Constitution with the IWF Constitution and eliminate possible discrepancies, the Executive Board discussed the different points for the Modification of the Constitution. All were approved by the AWF Congress.

Dr. Tamas Ajan, IWF President said: “In the past 17 years, the country completely changed and its approach to sport became global. Qatar organizes World cups, championships, and is investing in the development of sport.

Asia is a united continent and I wish to thank the kind hospitality of the Qatar Weightlifting Federation, and Qatar Olympic Committee during this event.”

The AWF Elections will be held tomorrow.