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Technical Visit for Rio 2016

Weightlifting Technical Delegate for Rio 2016, Attila Adamfi, IWF Director General proceeded to a Technical Visit to make sure all infrastructures and sport specific requirements will be implemented on time for the next Olympic Games.

One of the biggest issue is the very limited number of accommodation, however, Attila Adamfi was assured that all sites currently under construction will be delivered by the set deadline.

Weightlifting will be located in the zone of Barra, considered to be the center of the Games at the Riocentro Pavilion 2. Riocentro is next to the Olympic Village and is located just a few minutes from the Olympic Park.

During his stay, Attila Adamfi met Agberto Guimaraes, Rio 2016 Executive Director of Sport and Paralympic Integration and Roberto Sivierio, the recently appointed Rio 2016 General Manager, Sport Competition as well as Pedro Meloni, Weightlifting Sport Manager.