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World Record breaking 2014 Asian Games

Weightlifting competition started on 20 September at the Moonlight Festival Garden Weightlifting Venue. Since the start of the competition, World Records were set in almost every bodyweight categories.


YELISSEYEVA Margarita (KAZ) won the first medal in weightlifting for Kazakhstan with a Total of 194kg followed by AGUSTIANI Sri Wahyuni (INA) with 187kg and by TOGOEVA Mahliyo (UZB) on third place by bodyweight.


With a Clean and Jerk World Record of 170kg, OM Yunchol (PRK) ended with a Total of 298kg leaving the Silver Medal for THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) and third place to WU Jingbiao (CHN).

He was only third after the Snatch „But as we always say, the snatch is for show but the clean and jerk is for dough. And never has that been emphasised better than yesterday, when OM Yunchol was well off the pace after the snatch only to fight back quite brilliant with that world record breaking clean and jerk performance to win gold for North Korea.” (Souce: insidethegames)

THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) set a Junior World Record in Total with 294kg.


“But for drama and top-level performance, for the second day running it was weightlifting that provided several of the most memorable moments.

First, Olympic champion CHINSHANLO Zulfiya of Kazakhstan broke the World Record in the Clean and Jerk with 132kg only to miss out on gold when TPE’s HSU Shu Ching, runner-up behind the Kazakh at London 2012, set a new overall record mark to claim gold in a competition in which even the bronze medal winner, ZHANG Wanqiong of China, set a Junior World Record.” (Source: insidethegames)


“Speaking of North Korea, there’s some weightlifting success to report, and that means the obligatory gold medal icon. Kim Unguk completed all three of his clean and jerk attempts, maxing out at 178kg for an overall world record of 332kg, to supplement his snatch world record earlier

North Korean Kim UnGuk then went one better than his compatriot Om Yun-Chol managed yesterday, when Om set a new clean and jerk world record, by setting two world record marks, in the snatch and overall, to dominate the men’s 62kg competition.” (Source: insidethegames)


RI Jonghwa (PRK) won another gold for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with a Total of 236kg. Stronger in the Snatch, the Chinese lifter WANG Shuai (CHN) missed the first place by 1kg. GULNOI Rattikan (THA) won the Bronze with 222kg.


China had to wait until the third competition days for its first gold medal

“We can’t stay away from the medals for long, and another to report in weightlifting. And I did place a curse; because Lin Qingfeng has overcome his 2kg snatch arrears to, well, snatch the 69kg title away from North Korea’s Kim Myong Hyok by virtue of a lighter bodyweight.

A first medal of the Games for Iraq in third place. Karrar Mohammed J Mohammed Kadhum taking the medal. “ (Souce: insidethegames)


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