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World Masters Championships big in Copenhagen

The 2014 IWF Masters World Championships held last week in Copenhagen, Denmark welcomed the large turnout of 539 competitors of which 117 were women. Both the Danish hosts and the supervising IWF Masters Committee, as well as the participants took the Championships very seriously and it was manifest in the high level of technical arrangements and the performances on the stage. Aged 35 to 86 (!), the lifters gave their very best to their beloved sport proving their slogan right: “Weightlifting from the cradle to the grave!”

The IWF representatives, Anikó Németh-Móra, Director and Dr. Magdolna Trombitás, Legal Counsel had very constructive meetings with the IWF Masters Committee, in particular with Jan Hinrichsen, Chairman, Lawrie Thownsend, Vice Chairman, Bill Barton, General Secretary and Denise Offermann, Secretary, and witnessed as at the Congress representatives of 44 countries expressed their will to maintain the IWF recognition and collaborate closely.