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Egypt and Armenia to shine

In the Snatch, the Egyptian lifter AHMED Sara (EGY) was the only one to go above 100kg and ended on first place with 103kg in the women’s 63kg bodyweight category. Keeping her strength in the Clean and Jerk, she even went for the Youth World Record at 129kg but failed to jerk it.

She won the Gold with an advantage of 18kg over the Silver Medallist DURAN AYON Ana Lilia (MEX) performing 6 good lifts.

Third place was awarded to Ukraine with ZENCHENKO Sofiya (UKR) lifting 208kg.

Every lift counted and could change the final order on top. The fight for the Gold took place this time between 4 countries: Kazakhstan, Armenia, India and Egypt. Tactical moves from coaches played an important role in defining the ranking. Smooth progress proved to be successful this time.

With India’s last lift on 179kg, the stake was: Silver or Gold?

It proved that the Armenian lifter’s MKRTCHYAN Hakob (ARM) last Clean and Jerk attempt on 177kg was the last Good Lift of the competition and he stood up on first place. Second place went to RAGALA VENKAT Rahul (IND) for his Total of 316kg.

Third place was also a hard competition between ELSAYED Ahmed (EGY) and KALIYEV Zhaslan (KAZ) from which the Kazakh athlete came out winning.