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2014 IWF JWC ended with the Superheavyweight

Men’s 105kg

The 17 years old KUROUSKI Rychard’s (BLR) lifted 177kg and won the Gold in the Snatch. With 7kg less than the Polish lifter in the Clean & Jerk he got only Silver, but still managed to make it to the highest sstage of the podium with a Total of 378kg.

After a strong start – Silver with 173kg in the Snatch – the Ukrainian lifter KUBYSHKOVSKYI Leonid only made it to the 6th place with 200kg in the Clean & Jerk. Achieving this lower ranking because of bodyweight, he lost the second place in Total for the same reason.

SAMORAJ Jaroslaw Pawel (POL) only 5th in the Snatch with 12kg less than the Gold Medallist made an impressive “home run” and lifted 208kg in the Clean & Jerk after missing his attempt on 205kg. He took the Silver for the Total from KUBYSHKOVSKYI ending with exactly the same result of 373kg.

4th in the Snatch, KUPTSOV Georgii (RUS) made it to the third place of the podium by luck because of bodyweight in the Clean & Jerk lifting 200kg – just like 3 other lifters heavier than him.

BIDANI Walid won the first Medal – a Bronze – of the competition for Algeria in the Snatch with 170kg.

Quote from KUROUSKI Rychard’s (BLR): “I came here for the Gold.”

Men’s +105kg

The Superheavyweight was the competition of SAVCHUK and HWANG.

Both lifters started competition for the Gold in the Snatch after all competitors were done. HWANG Wooman (KOR) took 1kg advantage over the Russian SAVCHUK Antoniy missing his second Snatch at 180kg and third at 181kg.

Easy in the Clean & Jerk SAVCHUK with three good lifts won it all with the 395kg weight – being the most lifted here at the 2014 IWF Junior World Championships Kazan, RUS.

Silver Medal was awarded to HWANG Wooman (KOR) with a Total of 12kg less – 383kg.

From the 6th place in the Snatch, the Egyptian lifter GABER Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhamed M. made it to the third place. Winning a Bronze Medal in the Clean & Jerk, he was awarded a second one for his Total of 362kg.

Bronze Medallist in the Snatch, LOZINSKI Bartosz (POL) lifting 191kg in the Clean & Jerk couldn’t make it in the Total.