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Anastasia Davydova, RUS NOC Secretary-General at the 2014 JWC

In the Women’s 75kg bodyweight category, the 2014 Junior Asian Champion KIM Su Jong (PRK) took a 7kg advantage over her competitors in the Snatch leaving the second place for BELOBORODOVA Maria (RUS).

The Chinese lifter LU Xue (CHN), Bronze Medallist missed the Total podium by 1kg.

Clean & Jerk was all about bodyweight. All three – KIM, BELOBORODOVA and NAUMAVA (4th after the Snatch) lifted 134kg and the medals were awarded according to bodyweight. Gold went to BELOBORODOVA while Silver was awarded to KIM and the Belorussian lifter NAUMAVA took the Bronze.

The final ranking for the Total is KIM with 250kg, BELOBORODOVA lifting 243kg and NAUMAVA with 231kg.

Anastasia Davydova, Secretary-General of the Russian Olympic Committee five times Olympic Champion in Synchronized Swimming joined the competition and presented the medals.

Men’s 94kg

In the Snatch, KOSOV Alexei (RUS) came out when the other competitors already took all three attempts. With an impressive start on 173kg, he couldn’t control the weight of 180kg. His one and only good lift in the Snatch however gave him the Gold Medal. With a Clean & Jerk Gold he secured himself the first place also in the Total with 379kg.

GUIDEA Marcel (MDA) made a 10kg jump between his first and second Clean & Jerk attempts in order to defeat KOSOV, but the increase must have been too high and left him on second place.

The Bronze Medal was awarded to KUDAEV Zhamal (RUS) lifting 21kg less than his Russian compatriot.

Quote from KOSOV Alexei (RUS): Last time I’ve competed was a long time ago, so I needed time to get into it again.