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IWF Executive Board Meeting and Congress in Kazan

The IWF Executive Board held its two days meeting in Kazan, RUS prior to the 2014 Junior World Championships.

The EB Members received reports from the Committee Meetings containing proposals which the Executive Board approved.

Among those:

  • Deleting the size rule on knee bandages
  • Continental Regional and Member Federations must be reminded to strictly respect the IWF age groups, age limits, in particular the minimum age of 13 years for participation in any international competitions
  • Extra focus will be directed to the TUEs
  • The production of IWF Coaching Manuals reached a new stage and the CRC will introduce the categorization of International Coaches

Recommendations were made by the World Championships Working Group:

  • To ensure that only athletes deserving to lift on the World Championships platform (only Senior WC!) can participate, the Executive Board approved the introduction of Minimum Standards / Minimum Entry Totals.
  • The Minimum Entry Total in each category is 65% of the Reference Number for women; and 75% of the Reference Number for the men.
  • Reference Number = Average result of the winner in each category of the last 3 World Championships.
  • Rule to be effective for 2014-2015 (Senior) World Championships.
  • Addition to the Regulation to Rule 5.2 World Championships:
  • Minimum of 30% of the total participation costs must be paid in advance to the Organising Committee together with the Final Entry.

The IWF Executive Board feels very strongly that the whole issue of Masters Weightlifting and its recognition by the IWF must come under a review.

The Development Program as suggested by the Development and Education Commission was approved by the IWF Executive Board.

Future World Championships were allocated:

2015 IWF Youth World Championships to Lima, PER

2016 IWF Youth World Championships to Penang, MAS

2016 IWF Junior World Championships to Tunis, TUN

By proposal of the IWF Membership Commission, the following status issues were approved:

Botswana’s (BOT) temporary suspension has been lifted
Wallis and Futuna (WAF) became Associate Member
Equatorial Guinea (GEQ) became Provisional Member

The EB welcomed the Marketing Commission’s proposals aimed at a new approach of strategy, marketing and communication. Activities will be externalized to professional Marketing Agency and Media Services will be enhanced. As a major step, a new Corporate Identity will be submitted to the Almaty Congress.

Dr. Patrick Schamasch’s report revealed that the new ADC has stepped up and brought to a higher lever the quality of the IWF Anti-Doping controls and programs. By putting more weight on targeted tests and intelligence, the TDP will be even more effective.

The EB reconfirmed its firm position that federations that have arrears with doping fines cannot participate in the IWF Events.

Financial Reports on the 2013 and 2014 Budgets were unanimously approved. KPMG also presented its Audit Report for the year 2013.

Reports from the EB meeting were presented to the Congress that approved unanimously all decisions.

Reports on future events were presented for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 events.