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Technical Visit for 2014 IWF WWC – Almaty

IWF Director General Attila Ádámfi and Director Anikó Németh-Móra have conducted a busy and comprehensive technical visit at the venue of the 1st Olympic Qualification World Championships on the Road to Rio 2016. The beautiful city of Almaty has been assigned by the host Weightlifting Federation of Kazakhstan to stage the significant event this coming November. The team of the Organising Committee appointed by WFRK President Zhanat Tusupbekov and under the leadership of Omar Mustafin, CEO had already made advanced preparations and at the visit all technical and organisational details could be finalized. Almaty offers a very convenient and compact World Championships, with the competition venue, training and the hotels for the accommodation being practically adjoining buildings, in walking distance. Facilities and services will be provided at very high level for the participants who are expected to turn out in great numbers in Almaty. The Regulation is about to be published in due time and progress reports will be submitted to the IWF community at the upcoming Congress and via the internet.