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YOG qualification competitions concluded in Oceania

With the +94kg competition on the Youth Oceania Championships in Mont Dore, NCL, the YOG qualification competitions concluded for the 2nd Youth Olympic Games to be organized in Nanjing, China.

The race started last year with the 2013 Youth World Championships in Tashkent, UZB where 16 NOCs qualified with 25 men athletes and 15 NOCs with 22 women athletes.

In 2014 all five Continents organized qualification events in Bangsaen, THA, Tunis, TUN, Lima, PER, Ciechanow, POL and Mont Dore, NCL respectively where additional 22 NOCs qualified with 22 men athletes and 17 NOCs with 17 women athletes.

Thanks to the thoroughly elaborated Qualification Regulation, wide representation is ensured from all 5 Continents.

Considering the Universality places, Host Country representation and possible reallocation, we expect more than 60 NOCs to take part in the weightlifting competitions of the 2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing.