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2014 World University World Championships update

2014 World University World Championships organizer send this message to the Weightlifting Family:

“I am sure the news of the Thailand coup might catch the attention of everybody at present time. Let me clarify this situation to you that the coup in Thailand this time is not as bad as what you have experienced or as you have seen in some countries.

There are no choices for Thai people at this time as the deepening rift between the two main political parties had escalated to the point where there was no chance for reconciliation between party leaders and fear for more loss of life among the protesting parties.

As the discussions to restore peace to Thailand and prevent violence during the talks has completely failed. The army chief has no other choice but step in and take power from the government who has completely lost of their control of the situation

As a member of the OC, who are organizing the World University Weightlifting Championship in Chiang Mai in December 2014 we are extremely confident the current situation will in no way affect the event going to be held in Chiang Mai.

We would like to assure you that we believe there will be nothing affecting the upcoming event in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Mai is 800 kilometers away from Bangkok. The current situation in Chiang Mai is calm, peaceful and people are living their lives normally.

We hope that the situation in Thailand will end soon. On 5th December 2014 which is the opening day of WUC (weightlifting) 2014, is the King’s birthday, the most beloved king to Thai people. We all will be celebrating the King’s birthday together in Chiang Mai.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Source: Sawet Tachumpa

Secretary, WUC (Weightlifting 2014) Chiang Mai