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100 days to go to Nanjing 2014

On May 8th, young people across China celebrated the start of the 100-day countdown for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in active and creative ways. To mark the special day and encourage interest from young people, several celebrations were held in China.

In Nanjing, top fencing athlete, Lei Sheng, a champion in the London 2012 Olympic Games, was invited to promote this traditional sport and encourage everyone to get involved.

In Beijing, the YOG-themed poster design exhibition was held in the Palace Museum and a giant statue of the mascot was exhibited in the city center.

In Hong Kong, a street dance event was held to celebrate the 100-day countdown.

Participants were also encouraged to download the Virtual Torch Relay application to allow them to be ‘digital’ torchbearers for Nanjing 2014 and learn more about the Games and the Olympic values, excellence, friendship and respect.