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IWF President visiting the European events in Israel

On the eve of the 2014 European Weightlifting Championships now being contested in Tel Aviv, Israel, the IWF President took part in the meeting of the Executive Board and the Congress of the European Weightlifting Federation.
Among other important items on the Agenda, the major mission of the Executive meeting and the Congress was to approve the new, updated EWF Constitution. The document, which was elaborated painstakingly with the counsel of the IWF is now in compliance with the IWF Constitution, By-Laws, TCRR and Anti-Doping Policy, and its unanimous approval was labelled by the EWF President Dr. Antonio Urso as a “historical step”.
The beginning of the European Congress was dedicated to the dear memory of the late Dr. Shimon Barak, former President of the Israeli Weightlifting Federation and IWF Officer in many different capacities, in the presence of his wife Yochi Barak.
IWF Executive Board Member Ms Moira Lassen was attending the EWF events – this time also representing the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow. Dr. Tamás Aján was further accompanied by Attila Ádámfi, IWF Director General, Anikó Németh-Móra, Director in charge of the European relations and Dr. Magdolna Trombitás, Legal Counsel.