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As it is known, the IWF has been implementing a highly comprehensive and intensive Anti-Doping Program including both in-competition and out-of-competition testing.

In this process, in 2013 several anti-doping violations were disclosed. The IWF is looking at each case with utmost thoroughness, with full respect to the relevant WADA and IWF rules, and the rights of the athletes.

The relevant procedures of anti-doping violations by multiple weightlifters from Azerbaijan have now been closed. Accordingly, lifters found positive at the 2013 European Championships and subsequently in out-of-competition testing have been sanctioned and the results of the 2013 Championships have been updated. Both the competitors concerned and the Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation have received punishment following the sanctions stipulated in the IWF Anti-Doping Policy.

The Weightlifting Federation of Azerbaijan is one of the most active also as the home of a Weightlifting Academy and host of various significant events. Drawing the conclusions of last year they now have the obligation to turn a new page and build a new, clean national team.

The IWF is hereby calling all athletes’ attention to the fact that the IWF Test Distribution Plan (TDP) has become even more sophisticated and effective under the guidance and control of its neutral Anti-Doping Commission and through the progressive introduction of the steroid passport the testing will become tighter than ever before.