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1st Afro-Asian Anti-Doping Symposium, Methodology of Training Science & Talent Identification Course

The 1st Afro-Asian Anti-Doping Symposium, Methodology of Training Science & Talent Identification Courses has just been held at RAMADA Hotel Conference Hall in Tashkent ,Uzbekistan .

It is worth pointing out that a large number of AWF & WFA participate in the Opening Ceremony of the above-mentioned Symposium such as Dr.Ali Moradi AWF General Secretary , Mr.Shakhrillo Makhmudov Uzbekistan WF General Secretary , Mr.Khaled Mhalhel President of WFA , Mr.Manareddin Eshelli General Secretary of WFA and Mr.Farhad Turdiev  Vice  President of  Uzbekistan NOC ,Mr.Rashid Matkarimov AWF Coaching & Research Committee Member and Mrs.Barbara Kallo  IWF Anti-Doping Expert . It should be said that Mrs.Barbara Kallo announced the message of Dr.Tamas Ajan, the respectable President of IWF on Doping through education and scientific methods .

At the commencement of Opening Ceremony Dr.Ali Moradi AWF General Secretary, Mr.Khaled Mhalhel President of WFA, and Mr.Farhad Turdiev Vice President of Uzbekistan NOC and Mr.Makhmudov Shakhrillo Uzbekistan WF General Secretary warmly welcomed all the participants and delegations .

On the 1st and 2nd day of the Symposium 4th & 5th of December 2013 Dr.Farshid Ghazalian (IRI) & Mr.DAVOUDALI MALEKI (IRI) AWF Master Commission Secretary made presentation on Talent Identification in weightlifting sport and following them Dr.Davood Bagheri AWF Medical Committee Secretary and AWF Anti-Doping Expert with Mrs.Barbara Kallo (HUN) IWF Anti-Doping Expert and representative made lectures on Whereabouts and Anti-Doping issues.

In addition it should be mentioned that the above Seminar fully supported and advocated By Mr.Mohammad Yousef Al Mana AWF President, Dr.Ali Moradi AWF General Secretary and High-Raking officials of Uzbekistan WF & NOC .  You are kindly informed that the representatives and officials of the following countries took part in the Symposium:

Uzbekistan , Iran , Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan ,Nepal , Pakistan , Tajikistan , Vietnam , Thailand, Libya ,Nigeria , Seychelles ,Nigeria , Turkey ,Hungary .

In the end,the above Symposium was held at a very high and successful level and a lot of useful , beneficial and up-to-date information and items presented to the participants and attendees .