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World Conference on Doping in Sport Review

The Fourth World Conference on Doping in Sport concluded one week ago in Johannesburg, South Africa, following three full days discussing and debating the future of anti-doping in sport.

The World Conference – which saw participants from the sport movement, public authorities, anti-doping community, athletes, coaches and the media converge – was widely considered a resounding success. The result was a strong sense of unity from all quarters on how to tackle the most pressing issue facing sport today – doping.

Participants witnessed the ratification of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code and four International Standards through the adoption of the Johannesburg Declaration. The election of the next WADA President and Vice President saw Sir Craig Reedie and H.E. Mr. M. A. Stofile appointed to represent the sport movement and governments respectively on the final day of the Conference. In addition, WADA’s Executive Committee met on November 12, while the Foundation Board convened for its November meeting on November 15.

All participants at the Conference were unified in working towards their common goal – the rights of the clean athlete. The event was notable for the strong levels of support for the proposed themes of the 2015 Code. Past and present athletes vocalized their commitment to stronger doping sanctions, specifically the increase from two- to four-year bans for athletes caught doping from January 1, 2015. There was also widespread recognition for the need to allow WADA to retain its independent role in anti-doping in sport.

Throughout the Conference WADA streamed plenary sessions and press conferences live on the Conference website. Clips of these sessions were made available, and can still be viewed at WADA’s YouTube Channel, WADA Movies. These videos, along with photographs of the World Conference, can also be accessed at WADA’s Media sharing portal by using the following login details:

Username: media

Password: wada

Source: WADA