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WFA Coaching Course

The WFA held a Coaching Course from 5-10 November 2013.

The course was conducted by: Aveenash Pandoo, National Coach and WFA Coaching and Research Committee, Prof. Abdurrazag Shakshuki From the faculty of medicine of the Tripoli University and Dr. Jelitti Khedija from the ANAD of Tunis and also practitioner in the field of sports medicine.

The course was very productive and informative in the sense that the course was run looking at modern way and systems to improve the performance of the African Weightlifters.

The participants engaged in very well and were guided in the right direction.

Dr Jellitti brought to the coaches the topics of Anti-doping and the topic was thoroughly covered and the coaches have been explained very clearly about the do’s and don’ts.

Moreover, Dr Jellitti handled the topic of psychology and how to mentally prepare the lifters for competition and training.

Dr Shakshuki brought the topics of Injuries in weightlifting and how to deal with them and also the alternatives to doping.

Mr Aveenash Pandoo brought to the attention of the coaches the importance of correct techniques development, a view on long term athlete development and the benefit of it, the development of force, the planning of training program, the importance of constant evaluation and methods in selecting weightlifters.

We would like to thank the WFA for their effort, commitment, the IWF for continuous support and funding, and all the coaches assisting and contributing in making a success of this course.

A few key areas were identified as problems areas and will be addressed very closely within the development section of the continent.

The WFA President has pledged his full support in assisting the development and training of coaches and officials on the continent.

Source: Aveenash Pandoo
National Coach SAWF