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New Glasgow 2014 Weightlifting Competition Manager

Greg Warnecke, Head of Sport of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee reports Ms. Moira Lassen has been appointed as the new Weightlifting Competition Manager, effective from 06 January 2014.

This follows the recent resignation of Matthew Curtain who has recently been appointed as the first-ever Director of Sport with the Commonwealth Games Federation. Matthew finishes his tenure with Glasgow 2014 on 15 January 2014.

‘As an active member of the IWF Executive Board (and Chair of the Women’s Commission), Moira comes to her new role with extensive management expertise, strong technical skills and a work ethic beyond reproach. Equally, I pay gratitude to the work undertaken thus-far by Matthew and wish him well in his new position’ said Dr. Tamás Aján, IWF President.

Upon the announcement of her appointment Ms. Lassen said ‘Naturally, I am excited to serve as the Weightlifting Competition Manager for Glasgow 2014. With the memories of my daughter Jeane winning Gold back in 2006 still as fresh as ever in my mind, I am committed to ensuring the athletes of the Commonwealth remain at the forefront of all our planning’.