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World’s strongest Women lifted 190kg

Men’s 94kg

MAKARANKA, IVANOV and SEDOV – order of the podium in the Snatch. All three athletes ended on 180kg, and bodyweight gave the final order.

In the Clean & Jerk, MAKARANKA ended only 7th and couldn’t follow the lead. It seemed that the Kazakh lifter UTESHOV Almas will be awarded the Gold, by the lighter IVANOV Alexandr (RUS) also managed to lift 222kg placing him first.

With 402kg in the Total, the World Champion in the Men’s 94kg is IVANOV Alexandr (RUS).

Two Silver and two Bronze Medals were awarded to the two Kazakh lifters UTESHOV and SEDOV for their Clean & Jerk and Total.

Women’s +75kg

In the Snatch, the Olympic and World Champion ZHOU Lulu (CHN) won the Gold with 146kg where the World Record holder KASHIRINA Tatiana (RUS) ended only second. The Russian lifter missed twice on 147kg in the Snatch.

The Clean & Jerk displayed an exciting competition between these two impressive lifters. Not coming out for the third attempt, ZHOU Lulu (CHN) lifted 182kg.

Jumping from 180kg to 190kg and at the same time setting a New World Record in the Clean & Jerk, KASHIRINA Tatiana (RUS) won the Gold Medal also in the Total.

Bronze Medal went to SHKURATAVA Katsairyna (BLR) ending with 291kg – an impressive 41kg less than the Gold Medallist.