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Bodyweight decision day

Men’s 85kg

Silver Medallist at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, RYBAKOU Andrei (BLR) won the Gold Medal in the Snatch with 179kg.

The Bulgarian lifter MARKOV Ivan ended up second with 175kg while AUKHADOV Apti (RUS) – lifting the same weight won the Bronze.

Junior World Champion, European Champion, Olympic Silver Medallist, Apti had no challenger in the Clean & Jerk and is now World Champion with a Total of 387kg .

Youth, Junior and European Champion OKULOV Artem (RUS) missed the Silver Medal in the Total, MARKOV being lighter once again. The Final Rank was AUKHADOV, MARKOV, OKULOV.

Displaying an impressive performance in the Clean & Jerk, the Cuban lifter HERNANDEZ Yoelmis (CUB) won a Bronze.

The Olympic Champion in the Men’s 85kg bodyweight category ZIELINSKI Adrian Edward (POL) ended only 4th.

Women’s 75kg

The 2 times Junior World Champion and Silver Medallist at the IWF 2011 Paris WWC Chinese lifter KANG Yue (CHN) had great chances in winning the Gold; however in the end, the Women’s 75kg displayed two Russian lifters fight for the World Champion title.

KANG won the Gold in the Snatch with 1 kg over ZUBOVA Olga (RUS), and with 5kg over EVSTYUKHINA Nadezda (RUS) failing two times her attempt on 125kg.

This gave place for VALENTIN PEREZ Lidia (ESP) – winning the Bronze Medal in the Snatch.

ZUBOVA Olga (RUS) lifted 157kg in the Clean & Jerk and the World Champion title with 282kg. Lifting the same weight – 157kg – EVSTYUKHINA Nadezda (RUS) got the Silver due to higher bodyweight.

The two Bronze Medals went to KANG Yue (CHN) for the Clean & Jerk and the Total.