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World Records start to fall

Women’s 63kg

The Russian lifter TURIEVA Tima, Junior World Champion in 2011 and Junior European Champion in 2012 had an exemplary competition. With 6 good lifts and a victory by bodyweight in the Clean & Jerk (140kg), she ended up on the first place of the Podium and won 3 Gold.

Second place of the Podium, JO Pok Hyang (PRK) participated at the Asian Championships in Pyongyang earlier this year where she also earned a Silver.

Junior World Champion in 2009 and in 2010, Asian Champion in 2012 DENG Mengrong (CHN) lightest in her bodyweight category was awarded 3 Bronze Medals.

Men’s 69kg

Men’s 69kg competition was full of excitement. The Chinese lifter LIAO Hui won it all. Gold in the Snatch with 160kg, Word Record – Gold Medal in the Clean & Jerk with 198kg and World Record – Gold Medal in the Total with 358kg.

Celebrating his World Champion title on the podium in Wroclaw, LIAO Hui said at the press conference: “I enjoyed competing in such a good atmosphere, and it is motivating to compete against these very good competitors. I’ll keep on practicing and go on with my dreams”.

With 340kg in the Total (18kg less than the Gold Medallist) CHEN Oleg (RUS) took the Silver Medal. Only sixth in the Clean & Jerk, he lifted a personal best at the 2013 IWF World Championships Wroclaw.

Only 8th after the Snatch, GULIYEV Firidun (AZE) broke the Clean & Jerk Junior World Record of LIAO Hui (CHN). With this outstanding result of 337kg, he won the Bronze Medal by bodyweight over KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) Bronze Medallist in the Snatch and in the Clean & Jerk.