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30 Years of Women’s Weightlifting


This Year Women’s Weightlifting marks its 30 years Anniversary. Considered as a big novelty at that time, Women showed great determination to participate in this sport, traditionally considered as masculine.

Women wanted to compete and most of all they wanted equality. In 1983, the IWF Executive Board unanimously accepted to control Women’s Weightlifting and opened the way for female athletes in this sport.

The first International Women’s Tournament was held in Budapest, Hungary on 23 March 1986. This was followed by World and Continental Championships of all age groups and finally in 2000 the big dream came true: Women’s Weightlifting was included in the Olympic program and made its debut in Sydney.

Celebrating 30 Years of history eight ladies who have played an outstanding role in the making of Women’s Weightlifting received special award at a Ceremony held in Wroclaw.

Judy Glenney (USA) – Started the Women’s Weightlifting movement

Liu Chunhong (CHN) and Chen Yanqing (CHN) – The sports only 2 times Olympic Champions

Celsa Alvarez (ESP) – First Women Technical Official

Moira Lassen (CAN) – First Women elected to the IWF Executive Board

Boossaba Yodbangtoey (THA) – IOC Women and Sport Award winner in 2013

Reiko Chinen (JPN) – Pioneer Female Technical Official

Yang Su-Kuan (TPE) – Participant of the 1st Women’s World Championships in 1987

Irena Szewinska, IOC Member for Poland received a Certificate of Appreciation for having contributed to the IOC decision to accept Women Weightlifting for the Olympic Games.

With the special recognition the IWF celebrates those incredible Women who contributed in Women’s Weightlifting’s success.