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Olympic Medallists on stage

Women’s 53kg

The 20 year old LI Yayun (CHN) Snatched 105kg at the Chinese National competition that finished just one month ago. She tried to break the Junior and Senior World Record in the Snatch here with 104kg, but couldn’t succeed.

IOVU Cristina (AZE) wanted to challenge LI, and followed her closely. They lifted exactly the same weight in the Snatch: 100kg, in the Clean & Jerk: 121 and had the same Total: 221kg.

Bronze Medallist at the London 2012 Olympic Games (a medal she won for Moldova), IOVU ended with 3 Silver while the Chinese LI Yayun grabbed the victory and the 3 Gold due to lighter bodyweight.

With a Total of 203kg, which is 18kg less than the leaders, TANASAN Sopita (THA) was awarded the Bronze.

Men’s 56kg – Battle of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Champions

Less confident in the Snatch, London 2012 Olympic Champion OM Yun Chol (PRK) ended second with 3kg less than LONG Qingquan (CHN) Beijing 2008 Olympic Champion.

After a first successful Clean & Jerk World, OM tried to break his own World Record of 169 kg – the only World Record within Men in 2013 – set in Pyongyang. He didn’t succeeded, however 162 was enough to win the Gold.

With a Gold in the Snatch, and 2 Silver in the Clean & Jerk and Total, LONG said at the press conference: “The Chinese National Games ended only 1 month ago – with this result OM Yun Chol would rank 6th.”

The Vietnamese Youth Olympic Champion from 2010 THACH Kim Tuan won 3 Bronze Medals.