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Executive Board meeting and decisions

To comply with the IWF Constitution, the Member Federations which govern sports other than weightlifting – powerlifting, bodybuilding or any other – shall separate their entities and form Member Federations exclusively governing the Olympic sport of weightlifting.

The EB approved the Qualification System for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games based on the IOC principles and requirements and on the system successfully applied for previous Games.

Mr. Sam Coffa, Chairman of the Technical Committee and Mr. Attila Ádámfi, Competition Director were appointed as Technical Delegates for the Rio 2016 OG.

The Executive Board approved the members to the various IWF Commissions so that they can start their operation immediately.

The Guidelines for the IWF Development Program were approved and the Board decided that the fund allocation for 2013 can be extended into 2014. A feedback and reporting system was confirmed and a database shall be established for further assistance and reference for Member, Regional and Continental Federations. The Members shall also receive help to resourcing other forms of support, i.e. Olympic Solidarity funds.

The importance of the IWF Education Seminars was emphasized and Member Federations and delegations were called to make the participation compulsory for their athletes, coaches and team officials.

The IWF Executive Board decided to further strenghen the sanction on Member Federations with three or more positive cases within a calendar year.

It was decided that the financial sanction, imposed according to Articel 12.3 of the IWF ADP, shall be paid within 6 month from the decision of the EB.

During which period the Member Federation is suspended from all weightlifting activities .

In case the sanctioned federation is not able or not willing top pay the fine, the federation will be suspended from all weightlifting activities for the period determined under 12.31 A) to G) accordingly.

Further team officials involved with the athletes and with the anti-doping rule violations as above, will be banned for up to two years in conjunction with the sanction imposed on the federation.

The IWF is bringing weightlifting to a new level not only as a core Olympic sport but also as a clean sport around the world.

We want to be proud of our lifters and follow the new slogan of our Anti-Doping Commission, Chaired by Dr. Patrick Schamasch, Do it Well and Let it Know!


The EB received and update on the IWF’s financial situation and the progress of the 2013 Budget and the Budget for 2014 was approved.