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IWF Committees first meeting

The IWF Committees held their first meeting after the Electoral Congress in Moscow. Their first meetings in Wroclaw started with a joint meeting for matters of common interest.

Medical Committee

At its Meeting the Medical Committee emphasized on the importance of the cooperation with the Continental Medical Committees. They underlined the importance of liaison with the IWF Anti-Doping Commission with regards to education, prevention and intelligence. The Medical Committee will provide guidance on the dangers, the usage or non usage of supplements. Take active part in the TUE Panel and will provide experts for the IWF Development and Education Program.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee drafted the main points of discussion included in the 4 years working plan.

Review and clarification will be added to the IWF Technical Rules and Regulations. An update report was given on the Electronic Change of Call by Robert Nagy.

Many issues were discussed in connection with the Technical Officials: examination, presentation, pathway, roles and responsibility.

The main topic was the review of the world championships’ structure and bodyweight categories were also discussed.

Coaching and Research Committee

The CRC discussed the main points to work on for the forthcoming meetings. One of the main issues is the preparation of the level 2 Club Coach Manual, which will be ready by the beginning of the next year.

The categorization of coaches will be also discussed during the next meetings.

Among the plans for 2014, the CRC would like to organize a Workshop for the future lecturers of the IWF coaching courses based on the Club Coach Manual Level 1 in other to standardize the material of the future courses.