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Successful Weightlifting Workshop in Puerto Rico

With a full house of 45 consistent pupils each day, the PRWF celebrated a weightlifting workshop that included an array of subjects delivered by highly qualified speakers. Thanks to the intervention of the IWF Development Program, led by Mrs. Eva Moska, it was possible to bring Professor Marcelino Del Frade, from Cuba, to be the main speaker in this week-long endeavor. He explained and compared different training methods and how to obtain the best results through systematic training in a completely comprehensive manner. Professor Del Frade’s talks were complemented by other aspects pertaining to weightlifting and delivered by local resources, such as: The History of Weightlifting in Puerto Rico, by Jose Marrero (coach); The Barbell Pathway in Snatch and C & J, by Julio Martinez; Cycles and Continuity, by John Javier (coach), and Technical Rules and Regulations in International Events, by David Colon (Category 1). This workshop benefited coaches, referees and athletes as well, updating weightlifting knowledge that will be transferred effectively to our athletes at all levels. The PRWF acknowledges the joint cooperation rendered by Olympic Solidarity and the IWF Secretariat to render this a successful educational experience.