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First Gold Medals for Mexico and Kazakhstan

Women’s 75kg

The Kazakh lifter SHVABAUER Anastasiya won the 3 Gold Medals in the Women’s 75kg bodyweight category lifting 10kg (224kg) more than the Silver Medallist lifter ARTHUR Jenny Lyvette from the United States of America (214kg).

FILIATREAULT Johanie (CAN) was in the 5th position after the Snatch with 93kg, but won a Silver Medal in the Clean & Jerk and grabbed the third place in the Total with 212kg.

Women’s +75kg

Only 3kg decided the victory between BUENO Gladis (MEX) and ABDELAZIM Halima (EGY). In the end 3 Gold Medals were awarded to the Mexican athlete for her Total of 243kg, while ABDELAZIM won the 3 Silver Medals with 240kg.

KLINGSEIS Marissa Eileen (USA) was one out of the 2 athletes in this bodweight category to perform 6 good lifts. With 104kg in the Snatch, 125kg in the Clean & Jerk and 229kg in the Total, she was awarded 3 Bronze Medals.

Men’s 94kg

Two Silver Medals, one in the Snatch and one in the Total, were enough for ROSCHUPKIN Konstantin (RUS) to stand on the highest place of the podium during the Victory Ceremony. Achieving 3kg more in each lifts, he won the Gold in the Total with 371kg.

Gold Medallist in the Snatch, his compatriot KOSOV Alexei (RUS) achieved 4th place in the Clean & Jerk and was awarded the Silver Medal in the Total with 370kg.

All 3 Bronze Medals went to the Egyptian lifter OSSAMA Saad Abouelyazideid Khattab who achieved 165kg in the Snatch with 3 good lifts, one good lift in the Clean & Jerk at 200kg and a Total of 365kg.