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Victories by Bodyweight

Women’s 58kg

Youth World Champion in 2012, MAXIMOVA Ksenia (RUS) won the Women’s 58kg bodyweight category. REYES Yineisy (DOM), took 1kg advantage in the Snatch and was awarded the Gold, but couldn’t beat the Russian lifter in the Clean & Jerk. Both athletes finished with a Total of 205kg, and final decision came from the lighter bodyweight of MAXIMOVA. The Venezuelan lifter FIGUEROA Yusleidy was 4th place after the Snatch, but defeated the Armenian YAYLYAN Izabella and was awarded the Bronze.

Men’s 69kg

Bodyweight determined the order in the Snatch and in the Total. Losing the Silver Medal by bodyweight in the Snatch, the Chinese lifter HUANG Wenwen (CHN) couldn’t let victory pass by. Lifting a Total of 316kg – just as MOHAMMED KADHUM Karrar (IRQ) – his lighter bodyweight led him to the Gold Medal.

MARQUEZ Ediel (CUB), Silver Medallist in the Snatch finished the competition on 5th place while the European Junior Champion in 2012, GULIYEV Firidun (AZE) lifted 308kg and won the Bronze Medal in the Total.