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First competition day in Lima

Women’s 48kg was a balanced competition with clearly defined positions. All 3 Gold Medals went to the Chinese lifter GUAN Chunyin participating in her first international competition. She lifted a Total of 182kg which is 10kg more than the Silver Medallist PIRON Beatriz Elizabeth (DOM). The Silver Medallist of the 2012 Asian Junior Championships, SAIKHOM Mirabai Chanu (IND) won the Bronze for a Total of 165kg.

Men’s 56kg

Second victory of the day for China. In the Men’s 56kg bodyweight category, the 18 year old WEI Xiameng won with a Total of 244kg, only 1kg more than the Silver Medallist SERNA MENDOZA Jhon Jairo from Colombia.

The battle for the Bronze Medal was very exciting, as wasn’t certain until the last couple of lifts. SAHIN Muammer (TUR) , Gold Medallist in the Snatch finished only 8th with 126kg in the Clean & Jerk. He managed to grab third place in the Total, however the Clean & Jerk Bronze went to BARNES Darren Lamar (USA) for his only good lift of 133kg.