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Last Competition day at the 2013 IWF YWC

Women’s 69kg

DAJOMES BARRERA Neisi Patricia who will be 15 years old in May won 3 Gold Medals for Ecuador. With 6 good lifts, she ended the competition with a Total of 206kg. In the Snatch, only the Chinese KONG Dongying could follow lifting 90kg. KONG did 111kg in the Clean & Jerk and was close to the Silver Medal. However, ending the competition with 201kg in the Total – same as HULPAN Florina-Sorina (ROU), she only took the third place due to heavier bodyweight.

Men’s 94kg

RASHIDI DOLISKANI Milad (IRI) took the lead in the Snatch with 160kg, which is 4kg more than the Russian SOLOVEV Nikita’s lift. The Clean & Jerk brought the victory for the Russian SOLOVEV Nikita who won by bodyweight lifting 179kg – exactly the same as RASHIDI DOLISKANI.

After willing to jump directly from 179 to 190, none of them could take the good lift being too heavy for both. The 4kg advantage from the Snatch was enough for RASHIDI DOLISKANI to win the competition in the Total.

All three Bronze Medals went to the other Iranian lifter FAZLI KOSALARI Amir Hossein for his Total of 328kg.

Women’s +69kg

Youth World Champion in 2011 and in 2012, NOGAY Nadezhda (KAZ) defended her title and became once again World Champion in 2013. Even the impressive strength of the Ukrainian DEKHA Iryna and her Gold Medal in the Snatch won by bodyweight couldn’t take the victory away from her.

Third place was awarded to WANG Xijing (CHN) who lifted 212kg; 29kg less than the Gold Medallist NOGAY.

Men’s +94kg

The Men’s +94kg was the competition of MARTIROSYAN Simon (ARM) and SOLEYMANI Alireza (IRI). The two athletes had only 1kg difference after the Snatch, the Armenian lifter dominated the Snatch with 8kg more than any other competitor in this category. MARTIROSYAN won the Gold with a Total of 365kg.

SOLEYMANI won the Silver Medal with two good lifts, while three Bronze Medals went to ABUBAKAROV Selimkhan (KAZ) who ended with 351kg.