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List of Candidates to IWF Elections – IWF President’s Message

Dear Sports Friends,

Herewith we are publishing the List of Candidates to the IWF elections which will take place in Moscow, Russia, on 20-21 May 2013. Let me add a few observations to this list.

Never before has there been such a great interest in the leadership positions of the IWF. It is a sure indication that weightlifting has grown into a strong sport with good organisational and management features and a solid financial background; that it has achieved a high and respected status and prestige within International Sports and the Olympic Movement.

The IWF is the association of national Member Federations; however, the interests of the regional and continental organisations are also respected to a maximum. You may notice that there are vast differences between the number of candidates from the different regions and continents. From the point of view of the global progress of weightlifting it would certainly be desirable to achieve a balanced and well-proportioned composition in the Federation’s leadership among the various regions and continents. I feel that my concept of having:
4 representatives from Asia
4 from Europe
3 from Pan America
2 from Africa
1 from Oceania
in addition to the President, the General Secretary Treasurer and the 5 Continental Federation Presidents would well reflect the participation relations and could serve the ultimate interests of the sport of weightlifting on a world level.

It would also be desirable to have those countries represented in the decision-making bodies which are most active and successful in the sport with their competitors and as organisers.

As a new and progressive feature of weightlifting, with a specific election the new Constitution of the IWF guarantees the representation of women in the governing body of the Federation.

In the end, I am convinced that those elected will be able to put aside all individual, national, regional or continental interests and vow to work united for the ultimate benefit and further success of weightlifting in a global perspective. Good luck to all the candidates!

Dr. Tamas Ajan