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Elections of the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation

On 25 January 2013, the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation held its elections with the participation of 12 countries: ALB, BIH, FRA, ESP, ITA, ISR, LBA, LIB, MAR, SLO, SMR, and TUN.

Maurizio Lo Buono, single candidate, was reelected to another four years as President of the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation; the 1st Vice President is Mohamed Nadir Feki, the Vice President is Moukalled Hassenen and the General Secretary Kamla Maghoub.

The Executive Board Members are: Elez Gjoza, Michel Soto, Mustafa Saad Zintani, Jesmond Caruana, and Maria Dolores Rubio Lleonart.