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Kosova Weightlifting Federation Electoral Congress

On October 31, 2012 the Kosova Weightlifting Federation held its Electoral Congress.

The Elections were held at the Hotel LORD in Prishtina where 21 delegates from 7 weightlifting clubs of Kosova where present.

Ali Sekiraca and Fahri Hoxha were candidates for the position of President. After the candidates presented the development strategy 2012-2016 for the sport of Weightlifting in Kosova, Ali Sekiraca was re elected President with 14 votes against Fahri Hoxha who received 6 votes. 1 vote was invalid.

For the position of the General Secretary there were two candidates as well: Astrit Hasani and Donika Nushi. With 19 votes Astrit Hasani was re-elected as a General Secretary against Donika Nushi with 2 votes.

According to the KWF constitution the Congress elected Four (4) Executive Board Members:

1. Fahri Hoxha
2. Donika Nushi (Women)
3. Flamur Ajeti
4. Branislav Grbic (from the Minorities living in Kosova: Serbian)

According to the KWF constitution the Executive Board in the next meeting will appoint three (3) Board Members.