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Overview of the Youth & Junior African Championships

The Youth & Junior African Championships were held from 18-25 November in the city of Tunis, Tunisia.

Prior to the event, the African Weightlifting Federation held its Congress with the participation of 12 countries: ALG, CMR, EGY, KENY, LBA, MAR, NGR, RSA, SEN, SEY, TUN, UGA.

The following major issues were discussed: Olympic performances of the African athletes at London 2012, the future application procedures of the WFA and the development of Weightlifting in Africa.

Under the guidance of Mohamed Ben Amor, Competition Director, the Youth & Junior African Championships were held with the participation of 90 athletes from 7 countries: TUN, EGY, KEN, LBA, MAR, RSA, UGA.

Thanks to the great organization and the involvement of Khaled Mhalhel, WFA President and Eshelli Manareddin, WFA General Secretary ans the Tunisian Secretariat Members, the competition run smoothly and was a great success for the competing African athletes.