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Albanian Weightlifting Federation Elections

On 16 November 2012, the Albanian Weightlifting Federation elected its new President and Executive Board Members. Elez Gjoza and Theodhori Masllavica were candidates for the position of President. Both presented their ideas for the future of weightlifting sport in Albania.

The Elections were held at the Tirana International Hotel where several media representatives were present. 16 sports clubs representatives proceeded to a secret scrutiny.

After the cameras counting of votes for president and members of the EB, the Commission declared the vote:

Elez Gjoza was elected President of the Albanian Weightlifting Federation with 11 votes against Theodhori Masllavica 5 votes. The President will start his 4 years term in 2013.

Executive Board Members are: Asim Belinovi; Bashkim Nikolli; Besnik Psatha; Ilir Topuzi; Kastriot Rukaj; Haki Agalliu.

Mr.Esat Ademi became Honorary Life President.

The General Secretary for the 2013-2016 period is Ilir Kraja.