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Ms. Ni Wan Chien passed away

The IWF has been informed by the Chinese Taipei Weightlifting Association about the death of an outstanding ability lady Ms. Ni Wan Chien who devoted her entire life to weightlifting sport and passed away by Breast cancer on September 17, 2012.

“She was an active and brilliant lifter with full passion for weightlifting sports. She won the first silver medal for Taiwan at the Asian Games in 1990. She was awarded the tenth outstanding youth award in R.O.C and she won a Silver Medal in 1992 and in 1993 at the World Championships.

She retired and became teacher after getting married in 1994. Her motto was “Helping and serving others is the foundation of happiness” and she worked as volunteer on many National Championships and International Events. In 2009, CTWA nominated her as candidate for the Asian Weightlifting Federation’s Scientific and Research Committee where she was elected with 37 votes-the second highest overall.

We will keep in our memory her pretty smile and her passion forever.”

The IWF wishes its deepest condolences to the Chinese Taipei Weightlifting Association and to Ms. Ni Wan Chien’s Family.