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First World Record for Iraq

Men’s 69kg bodyweight category

With two Youth World Records set and three Gold Medals, KARRAR MOHAMMED Jawad Mohammed Kadhum (IRQ) was the man to watch in the Men’s 69kg. Six good lifts and the first World Record for IRAQ in weightlifting’s history show the impressive strength of this 17 year old athlete. Dominating the field, he defeated the Russian KHUGAEV Khetag and the Kazakh LINDER Albert.

KHUGAEV and LINDER were in close competition for the second place successively winning silver and bronze. However, the Russian lifter grabbed the Silver Medal after his last Clean and Jerk attempt in the Total with only 1kg more than the Kazakh opponent.

Women’s 58kg bodyweight category

MAXIMOVA Ksenia (RUS) was unbeatable in the Women’s 58kg. Coming out last; after every other athlete finished the competition in both Snatch and Clean and Jerk she defeated all her opponents. Lifting after herself, she ended the competition with 6 good lifts and 27kg more than the Silver Medallist FITOVA Alina (RUS).

Only 1kg decided who will stand up on the third place of the podium. The Turkish lifter KURNAZ Mehtap showed a better result in the Snatch, however failing at her last attempt in the Clean and Jerk, she was awarded the Bronze Medal.

The Bronze Medal in the Snatch went to KOKHANENKO Olena (UKR) and the one in the Clean and Jerk was awarded to the Mexican lifter LUGO Carolina. Due to 3 bad lifts in the Snatch, LUGO Carolina had no Total results but lifted 98kg in the Clean and Jerk winning her Bronze by bodyweight.

Women’s 63kg bodyweight category

The balance of power was set, while three competitors won the available medals in the Women’s 63kg. Six good lifts for the Russian LIKHACHEVA Nadezda who won the Gold Medal in the Snatch, the Clean and Jerk and the Total with 210kg.

The second place of the podium went to TOMA Loredana Elena (ROU). She couldn’t catch up LIKHACHEVA but secured her place enough to finish before the Colombian lifter SILGADO Rosive winning three Bronze.