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First day for the Youth weightlifters

Youth started with zest and strength at the 2012 IWF Youth World Championships in Kosice, Slovakia. The 13-17 year old young athletes are eager to win medals and show their capabilities to one day compete at senior events. Looking at their techniques and innate qualities, some of them already have the makings of great champions.

Men’s 50kg bodyweight category

YANG Yixiong (CHN) won it all. He dominated the field with his technique and precision and won the Gold in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk and in the Total with 204kg.

Second place in the Clean and Jerk and in the Total went to the Romanian lifter MANEA Robert Stefan (ROU) who ended the competition with 9kg less than the Gold Medallist YANG.

The Uzbek lifter ASLANOV Ruzimurod stood up on the third place of the podium in the Total with 194kg and won a Silver Medal in the Snatch as well as a Bronze Medal in the Clean.

IARKIN Viacheslav (RUS) won a Bronze in the Snatch and ended the competition at the 4th place in the Total.

Women’s 44kg Bodyweight category

Women lifters’ first category was balanced and highly competitive.

MAO Xiangmei (CHN) won a Bronze Medal in the Snatch, Gold in the Total, however she only won by bodyweight. The Romanian lifter CSENGERI Monica Suneta lifted exactly the same: 139kg in the Total. She managed to grab the Gold in the Snatch, Silver in the Clean and Jerk and in the Total.

TARAFDAR Chandrika (IND) Bronze Medallist in the Clean and Jerk and in the Total lifted 10kg less than gold and silver medalists.

KOHA Rebeka (LAT) was a great surprise in the competition showing an impressive control of the barbell on the platform. She ended with a Silver in the Snatch.

Men’s 56kg bodyweight category

JIANG Hao (CHN) Gold Medallist in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk and in the Total showed impressive strength. He lifted a total of 260kg dominating the field.

Winning 3 Silver Medals SCARANTINO Mirco (ITA) lifted 28kg less than JIANG but still 11kg more than the Bronze Medal Medal winner Turkish lifter MAZLUM Ferhat.

The first medal ever for Peru at an IWF Event was won by ROJAS CONCHA Marco who took the Bronze in the Clean and Jerk.