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Executive Board Meeting in Kosice, Slovakia

The IWF Executive Board concluded its two days meeting in Kosice, Slovakia prior to the 2012 IWF Youth World Championships.

Discussing the proposals for the modification of the IWF Constitution, Technical Rules and By-Laws, the IWF Executive Board studied thorough all documents received and will make recommendations for the IWF Congress to be held in December in Baku, Azerbaijan.

A full and inclusive report on the London 2012 Olympic Games was presented to the Board including facts and figures, challenges faced, sport equipment, competition, spectators and media coverage. The overall weightlifting experience at the London 2012 Olympic Games was satisfactory and successful for all participants.

At its meeting in Kosice, Slovakia, the IWF Executive Board amended its Anti-Doping Policy and decided to apply a sanction of two years for a first violation. The decision takes immediate effect. This is a change from the 4-year ban the IWF applied previously within its Anti-Doping Policy.

Having 3 positive doping cases within this calendar year, the Afghanistan and Albanian Federations were sanctioned to a fine of 50.000 USD.

The Executive Board received detailed information with regard to the financial reserves strategy of the IWF and a proposition on the investment policy.

The city to host the IWF Electoral Congress 2013 was selected. The IWF Executive Board allocated the event to the city of Moscow, Russia. The Congress is expected to be held in May.

This being its last meeting in this term, the Executive Board assessed its activity and noted with satisfaction an overall progress of the sport of weightlifting, its financial wealth and global development programs.