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Weightlifting surpassed all expectations in London

In weightlifting 84 NOCs were represented with 252 athletes. (Women: 57 NOCs, 103 athletes, Men: 70 NOCs 149 athletes)

19 countries won medals (!) 6 countries won gold medals

33 Olympic Records, 11 World Records and 1 Junior World Record were broken

41% of the weightlifting competitors were female (women took part e.g. from TUN, UAE, NCA, CHI)

The IWF is extremely satisfied and happy about the organisation of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Professionalism, outstanding facilities, problem-free management coupled with a love and understanding for sport characterised the Organising Committee. We can only thank and congratulate LOCOG on the big success of the Games.

At the weightlifting venue in ExCeL everything was managed at a very high standard: training, competition, auxiliary facilities, Olympic Family, media, etc. The Team under the capable conduct of Matthew Curtain, Weightlifting Manager did a fantastic job. The volunteers were not only enthusiastic but also competent, polite and friendly. The Sports Presentation was excellent and the crowd surpassed all expectations.

We are proud to have capacity audiences every day and in almost every session. The symptom of the “empty seats” was not prevalent in weightlifting. The loud cheering, the atmosphere was great and very supportive for the lifters.

We believe that weightlifting has “reconquered” Britain and was a definite highlight of London 2012.