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IWF Pre-Olympic testing

By July 6, the IWF has carried out 1114 doping tests concentrating on the 84 countries qualified for the London 2012 Olympic Games. 596 In-Competition (IC) and 536 Out-Of-Competition (OOC) controls were effectuated in the past six months.

All Continental Qualification Events were tested with a minimum control of 30% of the competing athletes.

The positive cases arising from Qualification Competitions by continental breakdown: Africa: 2, Europe: 2, Asia: 2, Pan America: 1, Oceania: 0.

Notwithstanding to these results, so far there are 22 positive cases in 2012 and all are treated as accelerated procedures.

The OOC controls are reaching out to athletes qualified through Individual Qualification, Wild Card or Reallocation as well as to former Olympic Champions and to those countries with many quotas and historical outstanding weightlifting results.

We herby remind you that the London 2012 Olympic Games in competition testing period start on 16 July 2012 and Olympic Athletes will be subject to Doping Controls at any time and any place during the Period of the Olympic Games for all Prohibited Substances and all Prohibited Methods referred to in the Prohibited List.