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Azerbaijan has hosted the European Masters Weightlifting Championships

The 22nd Men and 20th Women European Masters Weightlifting Championships were held from 2 to 9 June 2012 at the Olympic Sport Complex in Lankaran, Azerbaijan. Nearly 300 athletes out of 25 countries competed at the event. The Azerbaijan National Team was represented by 4 female and 33 male athletes.

In the Men’s Team Classification, Germany ended up first, followed by Azerbaijan with 14 gold, 9 silver and 3 bronze medals while third place went to Russia.

In Women’s Team Classification, first place went to Denmark and second place went to Russia.

Taghiyev Zafar, member of the Azerbaijan National Team won the title of absolute champion in M-1 age group. The 39 year old our athlete performed 112 kg in the Snatch, 145 kg in the Clean and Jerk, which means a Total of 257 kg. He achieved 332,05 Sinclair points, and 373,55 Malone-Meltzer points. These Malone-Meltzer points were the best result among participating weightlifters in M-1 age group.

Laurence Mcconnell won the title of absolute champion of Men European Masters Championships. Master from Ireland left behind all competitors in Sinclair and Malone-Meltzer classification. The 67 years old athlete, who participated in M-7 age group, performed 104 kg in the Snatch and 130 kg in the Clean & Jerk. With a total of 234 kg getting 263.51 Sinclair points, 452.97 Malone-Meltzer points he set 4 European and 3 Master World Records.

Among Women Marga Jorgensen from Denmark achieved great success. The results of the 56 year old athlete is as follows: 44 kg in the Snatch, 57 kg in the Clean & Jerk, 101 kg in the Total; it means – 149.42 Sinclair points, 211.73 Malone-Meltzer points.

The oldest athlete of the competition was the 84 year old Kurt Rosenberger from Germany. He performed 38 kg in the Snatch and 51 kg in the Clean & Jerk.

36 new Records were set (18 World and 18 European Records) during the 22nd Men and 20th Women European Masters Weightlifting Championships. Women athletes established 3 (1 World and 2 European) Records. All the 3 records were broken by Marga Jorgensen from Denmark.

by Isgandar Asgarov
Executive Director
Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation