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Education Seminar in Apia, Samoa

In the framework of the IWF Development Program, a coaching, technical, administrative, athlete education and medical seminar was held in Samoa prior to the Oceania Championships – Continental Olympic Qualification Event & Commonwealth Championships. On the technical side Sam Coffa from Australia and Garry Marshall from New Zealand held lectures. In coaching related topics Lyn Jones from Australia gave information. Athlete education was conducted by Mike Keelan from Australia and the medical seminar was conducted by Dr. Moni Kami from Tonga. From the IWF, the Competition Director, Attila Adamfi also gave lectures. The cultural assimilation seminar was conducted by Trent Dabwido from Nauru. Matthew Curtain, LOCOG Weightlifting Manager gave updated information in regard to the London Olympic Games. A special session was dedicated to ADAMS.

During the Seminar, Paul Coffa togehter with Dr. Tamas Ajan has launched the Oceania Talent Identification Program.