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Strong field and balanced performances

Women’s 75kg

No surprises in the Women’s 75kg bodyweight category. The performances of the top 3 were well-balanced.

ZUBOVA Olga (RUS) started her attempts both in the Snatch and in the Clean & Jerk after all her opponents ended their competition. She competed against herself trying to push her limits further and further. Each and every consecutive attempt she took was successful. With 115kg, 145kg and a Total of 260kg she earned 3 gold medals and dominated the field.

Second place went to the other Russian lifter HARLOVA Maria while SANDRA MILENA Perea (COL) ended up third and won 3 bronze medals.

Men’s 94kg

In the Snatch, the Iranian lifter MOHAMMADPOURKARKARAGH Saeid came out after everyone and started at 171kg. He escaladed to 178kg, earned the gold in the Snatch and took 8kg advantage over his competitors.

Second place went to KLIMONOV Egor (RUS) who lifted 215kg in the Clean & Jerk – just like MOHAMMADPOURKARKARAGH – but due to a lighter bodyweight he grabbed the first place.

The Kazakh lifter KYDYRBAYEV Zhassulan ended the competition on the third place of the podium with a Total of 363kg and 3 bronze medals.

MOHAMMADPOURKARKARAGH Saeid stood on the first place followed by the strong Russian lifer KLIMONOV who ended up second after 6 successful lifts.