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Accentuated tactical fights

Women’s 69kg

In the Snatch and even in the Clean & Jerk only a couple of kilos separated the gold medal winner from lifters winning the silver or bronze medal.

In the Total, ZHAPPARKUL Zhazira (KAZ) gold medallist of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore stood up on the first place of the podium with 239kg.

Surprisingly, the title holder from 2011 the Russian lifter TURIEVA Tima only ranked 4th. The change of bodyweight category (from 63kg to 69kg) must have been a disadvantage for her; however she won the bronze medal in the Snatch.

SUWANNARATANA Wiriya from Thailand achieved 4kg less than the gold medal winning Kazakh while the Chinese lifter TIAN Wenju ended up third. With her last attempt in the Clean & Jerk TIAN had a chance to grab the victory, but she missed to lift 137kg. She won the silver medal due to a lighter bodyweight than TURIEVA.

Men’s 85kg

A strong, intense and exciting tactical fight opposed the Russian OKULOV Artem to the Chinese ZHANG Huacong in the Men’s 85kg bodyweight category.

ZHANG ended the competition with outstanding performances dominating the weights and the barbell. With 6 good lifts and 3 gold medals achieved, he is the ultimate winner of the category.

The Russian lifter OKULOV tried to take the lead, but none of his Clean & Jerk attempts were sufficient enough to precede his opponent. He missed the two first lifts and was fighting to have a Total result at the end. His third Clean & Jerk gave him salvation and two other gold medals.

The fight for the third place between MALIGOV Adam (RUS) and MORADI Ayoub (IRI) was finally won by the Iranian lifter who manifested to be stronger.