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Russia makes its début

Women’s 63kg

Russian lifters entered the competition in a very remarkable way in the Women’s 63kg category at the 2012 IWF Junior World Championships in Antigua Guatemala.

AKHMETOVA Diana performed at her best and her outstanding 6 good lifts brought Russia on the top of the podium. Following her second attempt of the Snatch with 105kg, she opened the way to secure her impressive victory.

With two bronze medals for the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk the Chinese lifter LONG Dingling won and unexpected silver medal in the TOTAL. She lifted 126kg in the Clean & Jerk – 1kg more than her personal best.

The silver medallist of the 2011 IWF WWC Paris, France GORICHEVA Karina (KAZ) missed her last two lifts in the Clean & Jerk and fell back into third position with a Total of 225kg – same Total as the Chinese lifter, but due to a lighter bodyweight LONG preceded her.

Men’s 77kg

The first two places of the podium showed the same setup as in the Women’s 63kg category. Russia and China got first and second place in the Total.

KHOMYAKOV Dmitry (RUS) was confident and showed impressive strength during the entire competition. Preceded by GUO Zhimin (CHN) in the Snatch, he won with only 2kg in the Total because of a better result in the Clean & Jerk.

The Chinese lifter GUO Zhimin ended up 6th in the Clean & Jerk, but with the advantage gained in the Snatch, it was a great achievement for him to take the silver.

MATA Andres from Spain excelled with a silver medal in the Clean & Jerk and a bronze in the Total.