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Comments from fellow IFs on the Anti-Doping fight in sports

Hansjorg Wirz, European Athletics President:

“It’s about quantity and quality of controls”

“The battle is demanding but European Athletics will continue to be a relentless and leading organisation in this battle to secure fairness in sport. We are 100 percent behind the IAAF, the world governing body for athletics, the International Olympic Committee and WADA in the fight against doping in athletics. Athletes who cheat should never be comfortable that they will avoid detection, and today we are more equipped than ever to catch these cheats who bring disrepute to our sport. We strive to provide the best possible environment for drug-free competition at all European Athletics events. We must ensure a clean sport and fairness amongst all competitors. One way is to search for cheating athletes through doping controls. As part of European Athletics’ drive to eradicate doping from our sport, we are continuously increasing and improving the quality of controls in all our events with pre and in-competition tests, and also educating our athletes in this area.”

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