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World Weightlifting’s 2011 Best Lifters received Trophies in Moscow ceremony

Two Russian athletes, Svetlana TSARUKAEVA and Khadzhimurat AKKAEV were voted to be the Best Lifters of 2011 by the readership of World Weightlifting and the weightlifting public all over the world.

Both outstanding weightlifters received the ” Jenő Boskovics Lifter of the Year Challenge Trophy” at a ceremony held in Moscow, at the prestigious Radisson Hotel Ukrajna. The presenters were Dr Tamas Ajan, IWF President, and Kornél Jancsó, Editor-in-Chief. The Russian media, TV and writing press, covered the ceremony and the subsequent Press Conference.

The President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation, Sergey Syrtsovinvited many international dignitaries.

Both athletes, world champions of Paris 2011, confirmed that they were extremely happy and proud of this proof of popularity among the public. As we reported earlier, a record number of 805 ballots came in at the online voting from 63 countries of the world and both Tsarukaeva and Akkaev took the first places with a great majority.

Initiated by the late Editor-in-Chief of the IWF magazine Jenő Boskovics, the election of the Lifters of the Year looks back on 30 years of history and for the last two years a Challenge Trophy bears his name.